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Ceramic Berl Saddles are early developed Tower Packings with special shape of saddles. Having both internal and external surfaces entirely open, Distribution of Vapour-Liquid is entirely same at both sides.

Comparing with Raschig Ring, Berl saddles creat lower pressure on the column wall. Berl Saddles are often super posed each other while filling them into column because both inside and outside surfaces have the similar shapes.


  • High Mechanical Strength
  • High Chemical Stability
  • Excellent Heat Endurance
  • Resistance to high Temperature and Pressure, acid, alkali, salt and various organic solvents.

It is made chemical grade white porcelain with exceptionally good chemical resistance except HF and strong alkali. It is also available with glazed (smooth) or unglazed surface finish. It is most suitable for Sulphuric Acid Applications.

Size Wt. kg / m3 Surface m2 / m3 Voidage % Packing Factor
25 mm 640 220 73 110
38 mm 570 160 76 65
50 mm 535 120 77 45

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