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Pall Rings are the most conventional type of random packings. We are manufacturer and exporter of complete range of pall rings in all MOCs, sizes and thicknesses.

Pall Rings Applications:

  1. Various Separation and Absorption Applications
  2. Absorption and Stripping Services
  3. Steam Stripping
  4. Quench Towers
  5. Direct Contact Cooling
  6. Reaction Towers
  7. Distillation Columns
  8. Tower Packing

These are manufactured in almost all alloys, steels and other metals depending on the suitability of the MOC to the chemicals to be distilled or processed.

PALL RINGS are also used for liquid-liquid extractions, Gas absorptions like NOx scrubbers and Water treatment.

All the sizes and thickness are available as mentioned in technical data table of metal pall rings.

Pall Ring

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