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FEP Super Intalox Saddles

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FEP Super Intalox Saddles

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  • Excellent chemical resistance. Resistance to almost all organic chemicals, acids & alkalis. This also includes Hydrofluoric Acid (HF), Fluorinated Chemicals, Bromine (Br2) and Brominated Compounds.
  • We use virgin FEP raw material for the manufacturing of FEP Super Intalox Saddles.
  • No recycled or reprocessed raw material is being used.
  • FEP Super Intalox Saddles can be used for the distillation or scrubbing of highly corrosive or highly pure chemicals and bulk drugs.
  • FEP Super Intalox Saddles are suitable for FEP lined distillation columns or gas scrubbers, FEP coated distillation columns or scrubbers and glass lined columns or gas scrubbers.
  • FEP Super Intalox Saddles can handle corrosive chemicals in Pharmaceutical, Bulk Drugs, Organic Chemicals; Inorganic Chemicals Include Bromine and Bromine Derivatives, Chlorine & Chlorine Derivative, Fluorine & Fluorinated Derivatives.
  • Temperature limit: suitable up to 140-150 ºC (Write to us as it may vary with different chemicals)

Available size: 25mm FEP Super Intalox Saddles , 38mm FEP Super Intalox Saddles, 50mm FEP Super Intalox Saddles, 75MM FEP Super Intalox Saddles, 90MM FEP Super Intalox Saddles

Technical Data

Size Nos. / Cu.m. Surface m2 / m3 Voidage % Packing Factor F
25 mm 56,000 210 90 33
38 mm 12,000 140 91 25
50 mm 6,000 110 93 21
75 mm 1,350 89 94 16

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