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INTALOX metal tower packing is the first designed especially for distillation operations. After realising the advantages of using IMTP in distillation, leads its use in absorption, stripping, Liquid-Liquid Extraction and direct contact heat transfer operations as well. Since its introduction in the late 1970s, IMTP packing has been successfully used in thousands of mass transfer towers with various diameters range. IMTP packing is also used in broad range of services. It is heavily used in distillation towers: from deep vacuum towers, where low pressure drop is crucial, to high-pressure towers, where capacity easily surpasses that of conventional trays. Many absorption and stripping towers, especially those aiming for high capacity or close approach to equilibrium, rely on IMTP packing. The low pressure drop, high specific heat-transfer coefficient, as well as the fouling resistance of IMTP packing contributes to its success in heat transfer towers, such as olefin plant quench columns.


  • Low Liquid rate services such as DMT Purification, Glycol Separation.
  • High Liquid rate services such as Hot carbonate absorber, Demethanizers.
  • Lower Pressure drop with high mass transfer efficiency.
  • Foaming systems.
  • High Void Fraction.

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